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- Enhanced fat loss combined with the power to improve workouts,
- Massive boost of energy from unique stimulant complex,
- Supports better fat metabolisation,
- Forskolin delivers fat loss AND muscle gain at the same time,
- Improved mental focus for better workouts,
- Dual purpose product equally efficient as diet aid or workout aid.

It can sometimes prove difficult to lose fat and maintain lean muscle tissue at the same time. This is due to being in a calorie deficit and your body deciding which energy to use as a primary fuel source. By using C4 Ripped, your body can more easily access stored bodyfat to fuel workouts - this way you retain more muscle and maximise fat loss. A side effect of fat loss is decreased brain function, usually due to lower carb intake which lowers energy as well as concentration. The nootropics in C4 Ripped work to enhance brain function and mental focus to compensate for this with caffeine and velvet bean notable additions.

Use as a pre-workout before intense exercise to maximise fat loss and muscle retention. C4 Ripped can be used year round if required but due to its fat burning properties we only suggest using this daily if dieting. If using as a pre-workout use strictly before workouts. Due to the stimulant content we do not advise using it in the evening.

If you're trying to lose fat and need a boost of energy then C4 Ripped is what you need. Males or females can use the product but if you are trying to gain muscle mass we would advise you to select a pre-workout without C4 Ripped's fat burning properties as this will make it difficult to get the amount of calories needed to fuel muscle growth. A better choice would be Craze v2 or Hemavo2 Max to deliver performance gains but without high stimulant levels.

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